Averting The Mid-Life Crisis


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I picture “Mid-Life” like the commercialized version of Mother Nature. She is grabbing at thin air but hasn’t gotten a hold of me yet. However, no matter my ideal picture, mid-life is here for me. Now, what does that really mean?

To me, it’s nothing earth shattering…..yet. It is however, a lot of little niggling thoughts going around and around my head, fighting for attention – somewhat like 3 fabulous little people in my life – my kids. 

I will unravel the murky happenings/questions/dilema’s/concerns from within my head over a few (probably quite a few) blog posts and compare them to other “mid-lifers”. I’ll probe and find out what worries, dreams and hopes are for as diverse a group of women as I can find.

I should mention my own “averting the crisis” attempt has lead me to a decision involving an impending career change. I am learning and training to become a Certified Life Coach.  I am so very excited about it. I just finished the first stage of the course with The Coaches Training Institute and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!! 

Is it luck that I found something that I feel so passionate about??? Absolutely not!! I suspect I may have been a bit more self reflective than the average 30 something but I paid attention to the fact that along with a fashion magazine and the latest People mag I also started picking up “Psychology Today” – interesting!! Many magazines and books later I happened upon Life Coaching. 

So, here I am today. And I hope you’ll stay around for the ride. I’ll try my best to entertain and inform. And if I can actually help someone then nothing would make me happier!!!